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Another Short One…

Lipanj 21, 2006

I'm not really that much into writing these days, because I have my final high-school exams to prepare for Friday (keep your fingers crossed :)), but here's an interesting and extremely useful link found on Dado's blog.

It's a brillant reference service which offers references for many different languages (HTML, JavaScript DOM, CSS, PHP, My/PostgreSQL, RoR, Perl etc. – Python coming soon! :)), and it allows you to add and remove available references as you wish. It also has a cool search feature, and it's probably the dream of every developer :). I ran into something similar few months ago, but it was limited to a few languages (HTML, PHP, MySQL and CSS, if I remember correctly) and it didn't have any customization options.

So, here's the link: Enjoy!


Extra, Extra!

Lipanj 18, 2006

My Croatian-speaking visitors may be interested in a new blog I started, Homo Ludens. This doesn't mean I'll neglect this one, as I'll be posting regularly (or at least as often as I can) on both blogs.  


Travanj 1, 2006

Yeah, I know I've been moving more times than the actual number of posts I wrote, but I find this service great. It has everything I need (WordPress, actually) and it avoids the need for the installation of the software on my webspace. So, I think I'll use it :).

The relevant posts from the old blog have been transferred here, and I'll start writing some more soon. Bye-bye.