In Concert

Svibanj 30, 2006

Although it isn't the largest town of 'em all, Pula (the place where I live) isn't poor with concerts. The beautiful Amphitheatre sure has its share in that fact, but I'm rarely at concerts over there – the tickets tend to be expensive, and the artists involved aren't really the ones I'm dying to see (although Paco De Lucia will be playing in the Amphitheatre soon :)).

There is also a great deal of other, smaller concerts, but these are usually more interesting to me. In the last couple of weeks, the project Jazzbina, which is over 10 years old and is dedicated to the promotion of jazz music to the Pula audience, brought two very interesting bands to play.

The first of them was Marco Quarantotto Oddball Quartet. Marco Quarantotto is a drummer from Pula, involved in many different projects, with East Rodeo being the most important and well-known. With three great instrumentalists – Sava Miletić (piano), Elvis Penava (guitar) and Robert Jukič (bass), he played a range of interesting jazz (and even funk) pieces by artists like Thelonius Monk, Herbie Hancock and many others. The small number of people at the concert didn't discourage them and only made the overall atmosphere of the concert better.

The second, and maybe better know, was the Bojan Z Trio. Bojan Zulfikarpašić is a well-known European jazz pianist and the winner of the Hans Koller jazz award for the last year. And he sure deserved it :). With Ari Hoenig on drums and Remi Vignolo on contrabass, they played an incredible concert with many different pieces, ranging from blues to etno-jazz, without being boring for one second. Ari Hoenig is probably the best drummer I've seen live, and Remi Vignolo's solos are just amazing. Bojan's piano work is incredible and fascinating.

A few photos from the Bojan Z Trio concert can be found here.


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