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Web Standards Checklist

Veljača 25, 2006

It's been a long time since I last wrote anything, but I've been pretty busy with some projects which will be published here soon… But, there's a nice link a friend of mine sent me, and it talks about web standards. In the days of Web 2.0, AJAX / Atlas and similar buzzwords, I think we (as we, web developers) somehow forgot about one very important thing. That thing was equally important in Web 1.0 as it is now, in the so-called Web 2.0, and that's writing clean, standards-compliant, semantically right XHTML and CSS code.

The article on Max Design talks about this specific subject, addressing some issues that are often forgotten or intentionally not taken care of, and it gives some nice links to articles which deal with the listed problems as well. It's a nice, well-written web standards checklist which can serve as an excellent reference for your future projects and, altough not new (it was written over a year ago), it's still valid. I sure know I'll use it.