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FLOSS Partition Resize

Prosinac 16, 2005

Until recently, I thought that FLOSS (Free / Libre and Open Source Software) for harmless partitioning didn't exist. The guys at nixCraft proved me wrong by publishing an article about repartitioning using only open source software (to be more precise, Knoppix and its "qtparted" utility). It's not perfect as far as the English grammar and writing are concerned, but it's fully understandable.

Well, I stand corrected :).

Read the article: How do I resize windows Partition with Open Source Software


The Best Of 2005. in Music

Prosinac 12, 2005

Recently, on a Croatian music forum which is mainly based on metal music, someone brought up a topic on the best five albums in 2005. As a big music fan, I've decided to do something similar on my blog. And here they are, in no particular order:

System of a Down – Hypnotize
Pretty refreshing. Altough it has much in common with Mesmerize, Hypnotize is more mature and simply better sounding. It's probably their first album that made me listen to it over and over again carefully, unlike their older albums. The vocal parts are beautiful at moments, and the arrangements are great. This is their best work so far, in my opinion.

The Mars Volta – Frances The Mute
Here's a band you either love or hate – it's that simple. I love them. They've successfully managed to bring together many diverse music styles as progressive rock, psychedelia, noise, punk into an extremely hard to listen, but extraordinarily well played, complicated masterpiece of modern music. The drumming is wonderful, the Spanish fits them perfectly, and the music in general is brilliant. The only objection goes to the album being too hard to listen, especially for the first few times.

Van Der Graaf Generator – Present
It's possible to create a classic-sounding progressive rock record in a modern style that sounds fresh and new. And it's even possible to make it sound this good! It sounds like they never stopped playing together. The first disc (the studio recordings) is definitely too short (under 40 minutes). The second disc (the improvisations) is longer, but also harder to listen and more tiresome. Yup, it is too short, but it's still enough to make it in the top 5.

Dream Theater – Octavarium
Altough not a masterpiece of progressive metal, this album is here because of one song only – the 24-minute epic Octavarium. As far as I'm concerned, they could've released an EP similar to "A Change Of Seasons" with this song and a few covers, and I'd be more than satisfied. And I wouldn't have to skip 7 songs to get to this masterpiece. OK, OK, not all of the songs are that bad, but they can't be compared to Octavarium. I hope I'll hear more music like this from them in the future, because it fits them perfectly.

Koenji Hyakkei – Angherr Shisspa
And this is an odd one… The Japanese Zeuhl (Magma, anyone?) masters came up with a record which is more (avant-)jazz oriented than ever. Yoshida's drumming is great, and the new keyboard player brought the much-needed change in the band. This one is their all-time favorite of mine. Definitely a must-hear.

There you have it. The "best" five albums of the year in my humble opinion. N.B. that there were more great albums this year, it's just that these five somehow caught my attention more than the other ones. I'll be writing more about good (subjective mode on! :)) music soon.

Merry Christmas & a happy new year!


Prosinac 11, 2005

Tabbed browsing in actionAs a person who uses the Internet daily, and as someone who reads through dozens of websites per day, I learned to appreciate tabbed browsing. I couldn't stand the tought of being without my tabs and I completely forgot about the "Open Link in New Window" option.

As a web developer, I'd like to see tabbed browsing as a browser standard – something every browser should have by default. I really like the thought of being able to open links in new tabs, instead of new windows. Tabs aren't so intrusive and they don't clutter your desktop – that's a big advantage. Sometimes you just need to open that link in another window (or, shall I say, tab), and you just know it'll get on someone's nerves. Now, I'm not trying to say the tabs are the Absolute Solution to this problem, but I believe they are more appropriate and less annoying.

And should I even mention how nice it would be if the Document Object Model would reflect this change… :)